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CBX™ Plans and Pricing

Always Read the Fine Print...

If you are comparing providers for your hosted telecommunications, you will find Synergy's approach quite different. Many competing offerings will present a "features matrix" or "metered minutes and long distance" variation and categorize by names like 'Gold' or 'Bronze', or 'Basic' to 'Super Executive'. The reality of this approach is a plan that appears to offer a $19 per user, per month price does not include unlimited... anything. Like the cell phone plans of old, you are restricted to limited minutes of local and long distance calling. The fine print of this approach also reveals many basic business features are limited to the 'Super Executive' plans.

Simple, unique, savings...

As shown below, Synergy offers the same unlimited plan for ALL USERS. Local and U.S. Long Distance is unlimited, and all features are available to all users. The only variation in price is based on the number of users.

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