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New Challenges...

Today’s connectivity options are more diverse and complex than ever before. Adding to this challenge is

IoT Connectivity

that seldom does one single technology or vendor provide for all the needs of Enterprise networks.

Ubiquitous Connectivity. It’s one of the advantages of satellite communications.  Choice of a "space-based" network include a need to understand things like choice of orbital constellation and resulting latency, throughput efficiencies, spot beams, and capital expense of ground systems that may need to track the spacecraft across the sky.

And what about the emerging variants of LTE and the imminent availability of 5G services? At Synergy, we believe the answer is to empower the Enterprise with choice. Choice of a broad range of solutions, all delivered and managed by a single partnership.

Synergy Cloud Gateway

Synergy operates geographically redundant, private cloud infrastructures. These facilities act as a "one stop gateway" to the network solutions that today's Enterprise demands. Terrestrial wireless, satellite, including multiple teleports offering global coverage, and even orbital constellations. A single, secure connection to the Synergy Cloud presents a broad range of solutions, ultra high availability connectivity. In addition, our cloud infrastructure is the home of Synergy's satellite-proven Cloud Branch Exchange (CBX) UCaaS voice suite as well as the core of our Video Surveillance management portal.

Connectivity Overview
GEO - Geosynchronous
Geocentric circular orbit with an altitude of 35,786 kilometres (22,236 mi)
MEO - Medium Earth Orbit
Geocentric orbits ranging in altitude from 2,000 km (1,240 miles) to just below geosynchronous orbit at 35,786 kilometers (22,236 mi)
LEO - Low Earth Orbit
Geocentric orbits ranging in altitude from 160 kilometers (100 statute miles) to 2,000 kilometres (1,200 mi)
Client HQ

Domestic US


4G, 5G and Private Wireless
Synergy is establishing multiple 4G-LTE Private Network (APN) relationships, allowing clients to take advantage of pooled data plans. In addition, Synergy offers Private Ultra High Speed wireless in certain areas of the United States (speeds up to 1.4 Gig Ethernet).

Verizon, AT&T, Dasia.Net


Single Secure Connection
CBX™ Cloud Branch Exchange
IoT Applications Support
Latency Optimization
Video Surveillance Portal
Network Management SLA
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