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The Team Behind You...

Subject Matter Experts [SMEs] are one of the most valuable resources in the successful attainment of

any business strategy. The challenge is that there seems to be new "subject matter" introduced at an alarming rate. Traditional Information Technology and Telecommunications departments are faced with maintaining knowledge resources that generally mean additional head-count and additional operating cost.

Synergy offers a broad range of alternatives to augment our client's technology staff. Whether the need be short or long term engagement, our goal is to provide the precise knowledge base required for the tasks at hand, and empower our clients with a competitive differentiator. Fresh perspectives, new skill-sets, outside market knowledge, predictable fixed costs, and project focus. These are just a few of the advantages Synergy's Consulting Services offer.

Our Subject Matter Expertise includes:

Artificial Intelligence [AI] in the Enterprise

Telecommunications [VoIP]

Global Connectivity [GEO-MEO-LEO-4G/5G]



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