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Synergy... Innovation driven. Value Focused.

Cloud PBX -CBX™

Synergy’s Hosted PBX (Cloud Branch Exchange, or 'CBX™') is designed around three basic criteria: (1) must provide an obsolescence proof technology,

(2) must deliver ultra-high availability and quality, and (3) must reduce operating cost for our clients. CBX™ delivers these and much more.


Never has there been a more exciting time for global connectivity. High throughput satellites, GEO, MEO, LEO constellations, 4G-LTE, 5G, and Ultra-High-Speed Wireless. Synergy offers systems, services, and the experience to design and deliver fixed, mobile, and rapid deploy solutions.


In simplest terms, IoT is a system of physical things embedded with sensors, software, electronics and connectivity to allow it to exchange information with other connected devices. In other words, Machine to Machine (M2M) exchange of data. Synergy offers the connectivity and a broad range of IoT services.


For most organizations, it’s simply not practical to staff for specialized talent such as Satellite Communications, IoT, and SCADA. Synergy offers short or long-term engagement to augment our client’s internal IT resources. Services include systems design, RFP creation and competitive analysis.

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